The White House's Welcome Proposal on Immigration

The White House's Welcome Proposal on Immigration

The White House's newly released legislative framework addressing DACA, funding for the border wall, and chain migration does not satisfy immigration restrictionist experts.

The White House official sold the plan as a "compromise position" that it believes would get 60 votes in the Senate - a point White House officials underscored multiple times on Thursday - and then could be "sent over to the House for additional improvement and modification".

The White House's immigration reform plan - which would provide a pathway to citizenship for about 1.8 million undocumented immigrants brought to the United States as children - garnered a wide range of reactions after its main planks were unveiled Thursday (Jan. 25).

Trump's comprehensive plan - which will be formally presented next week - includes eliminating the popular "green card lottery" program and would severely restrict family immigration.

It would also end a visa lottery aimed at diversity, which drew Trump's attention after the New York City truck attack previous year, redirecting the allotment to bringing down the existing backlog in visa applications.

"We've been playing this game for quite a while", Graham said after about 20 senators billing themselves as the "common sense coalition" met in Collins' office.

Despite his alleged "sh*thole" comments on allowing in immigrants from certain countries, President Trump is supporting the pathway to citizenship for all 1.8 million Dreamers.

"Let me just say what I said last night: that plan is a campaign to make America white again", Pelosi said, claiming that the proposal will cut legal immigration by 50 percent...

"I think that we need to secure the southern border, and we have to turn off the inducements that lead to illegal immigration", Kelli Ward, who is running for the Republican nomination for Senate, told ABC News' Martha Raddatz in an interview for This Week airing Sunday.

The White House's Welcome Proposal on Immigration

However, it does not include the Obama-era DACA programme, which the Democrats had originally demanded funding.

The Senate struck a deal on immigration reform in 2013, but it was ignored in the Republican-dominated House.

"There is no public policy justification for cutting legal immigration in half".

"This makes President Obama's DACA look like a conservative choice", he said, adding the "giveaways" are not going to go over well with much of Trump's base.

"It's encouraging to see the White House's involvement", he said.

"It's a letdown because if this were the end result after fighting in Congress and you had to either take this or nothing, I don't know, I can't say that I would definitely say no", he said.

The package was immediately panned by pro-immigration groups, which said the plan was a bad trade-off. "I truly appreciate President making it clear that he supports a path to citizenship for DACA recipients".

Senator Ted Cruz called the move a "profound mistake" and said it's not consistent with the promises made to voters. The reason they have a compelling case for amnesty before all enforcement measures and in place and legal immigration curbed is that not only did they arrive here as minors but they voluntarily came forward and provided their information to the government. "We will build a great wall and we will have a lot of money left over, and we will spend it on other things", he said.

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