Three dead and many injured as train derails near Milan, Italy

Three dead and many injured as train derails near Milan, Italy

A commuter train carrying hundreds of people has derailed near Milan, killing at least two people on Thursday, as per reports.

Rescue workers and police officers stand near derailed trains in Pioltello, on the outskirts of Milan January 25, 2018.

The investigation is ongoing, but one early hypothesis is that part of the train tracks broke off, sending the wheels of the train's central carriages off the rails.

Firefighters are now on location to help injured passengers unable to leave the train because of the wreck.

Delrio said that investment in rail safety and security in Italy had risen 34=% in the last three years.

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Journalists watched from a field about 100 metres away from the site, where three helicopters arrived to rush the injured to hospital while another patrolled the area.

An investigation was opened nearly immediately after the crash.

Firefighters are trying to free several people trapped in the carriages of the train.

An eyewitness told La Repubblica newspaper that: "Shortly before Pioltello the train began shaking and we knew there was something wrong".

The train's operator, Trenord, said in a tweet that a "technical problem" caused the accident. In 2016, 23 people were killed when two trains collided on a single track in an olive grove in Puglia, southeastern Italy.