Who's to blame for shutdown? DNC media takes aim at Stephen Miller

Who's to blame for shutdown? DNC media takes aim at Stephen Miller

Mattis calls North Korea situation "sobering" Bipartisan group to introduce DACA bill in House MORE (R-S.C.) to blame White House aide Stephen Miller for the stalled immigration negotiations.

"Every time we have a proposal it is only yanked back by staff members".

David Edwards is a writer for Raw Story. However, he believes some White House staffers are making it very hard to reach an agreement and resolve the issue that is now hurting hundreds of thousands of federal employees, low-wage federal contractors, security guards, janitors and military families. Meadows also discussed the latest on the classified memo that intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes has said may incriminate members of the Obama administrations use of FISA against then-presidential candidate Donald Trump.

"As long as Sen". Over cheeseburgers with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer on Friday, the president reportedly signaled he was open to a deal with Democrats that would extend protections to Dreamers in exchange for a hike in military spending and border-wall funding, among other items.

Who's calling Miller a white supremacist? He's been an outlier for years, ' Graham told reporters at the Capitol on Sunday.

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Marc Short, the White House's chief legislative liaison, dismissed rumbling about Miller's influence as "a very unfair characterization" and critics "looking for a bogeyman". He's here to push the president's agenda like everybody in this building. 'He's here to push the president's agenda, like everybody in this building'. "We are doing our best to carry out what the president has laid out and to implement and communicate his principles and Stephen's no different on that front than anyone else".

Miller "drives them insane, because he knows the immigration issue inside out, he effectively articulates what normal Americans believe, he sees right through all of their hollow and deceptive arguments, and he's not afraid of them, nor the reporters who enjoy carrying their water".

Graham's attacks on Miller stem from the aide's highly conservative views on immigration and new reports that both Miller and Chief of Staff John Kelly have been actively stonewalling Trump's efforts to compromise with Democrats.

"Somebody on staff gave him really bad advice", Graham told reporters. "And I think we're never going to get there as long as we embrace concepts that can not possibly get 60 votes".

She also dismissed questions that the almost 700,000 young aliens affected by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program were being used as "bargaining chips" by the White House in the immigration debate.