Lead singer of The Cranberries dies aged 46 in London

Lead singer of The Cranberries dies aged 46 in London

A friend said the singer sounded excited and "full of life" just hours before her death.

The opening crash of the Cranberries' 1993 song "Dreams" has a transporting effect for me, back to school corridors, back to ink drawings on canvas backpacks, back to the clunk between songs on mix tapes recorded from the radio.

"Irish and worldwide singer Dolores O'Riordan has died suddenly in London today".

The Irish singer (46) was found dead in a London hotel on Monday morning during a recording trip ahead of a planned tour. Police in London are still investigating the singer's "unexplained" death, but they are not treating it as suspicious.

Cranberries lead singer Dolores O'Riordan performs during the European Border Breakers awards, or EBBA awards, in Cannes, southern France.

Colin - who only learned of the song's meaning following O'Riordan's death - explained: "Only yesterday did I discover that her group, or she herself, had composed the song in memory of the event in Warrington".

The global band topped charts worldwide with other songs and albums, many of which we haven't heard in a long time, some, for those of us in the USA, never.

The family of the Cranberries singer, 46, who died on Monday will receive the results of the post mortem tomorrow.

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"I know how hard it can be for someone in Ireland to take a stand like that so I admire her for her bravery, honesty and compassion". They also added that the world lost a true artist.

She'd previously opened up about her mental health to Metro, saying: 'There are two ends of the spectrum - you can get extremely depressed and dark and lose interest in the things you love to do, then you can get super manic'.

"I am heartbroken and devastated by the news of the sudden and unexpected passing of Dolores".

Dolores' partner Ole Koretsky of rock band D.A.R.K. has paid tribute to her in a statement on the band's website. Either way, Dolores is considered by many as a focal point of the rock music scene in the 1990s.

Her family, she said, were her "salvation".

Dolores, who will be buried in her hometown Ballybricken, was married to Duran Duran's former tour manager Don Burton for 20 years, but the pair split in 2014.

Plans are being made for her funeral, expected to take place in her native Limerick.