Google's Hilarious Art App Snubs Texas (For Now)

Google's Hilarious Art App Snubs Texas (For Now)

Once the software finds the art piece that most closely resembles you, it will also show a comparable percentage of the match.

If you've been on social media in the last two days, you've no doubt seen the Google Arts and Culture app-you know the one, where Google scans its curated archives of gallery and museum collections to match a selfie with a work of art. Users can now take a selfie and the app will match the person with museum portraits that look the most like them. However, do not open the app immediately after downloading.

Using the Google app to find a doppelganger is easy, and requires just a few steps.

It launched back in 2015, but the "portrait yourself" feature was added in December.

Users then need to scroll down to a card in the app, saying "Is your portrait in a museum?" and then click "I Accept".

The Arts and Culture app was originally created to promote pieces of art and culture in the course of virtual tours round the world's most famed fine art museums, the Guggenheim Museum in Spain's Bilbao and the Dutch Rijksmuseum just to name a few. Boom. You've got portraits.

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Since I'm an adult and a professional, I make really adult, professional faces when I'm taking selfies.

Explaining why the app is not available outside the app, a Google spokesperson told The Sun, "This is an experiment that's only available in parts of the U.S. right now, but we're glad people are having so much fun matching their selfies to works of art".

You can tell the app is analyzing your face because of the various colored lines animating all over the screen, and because it's gone black and white.

You've liked the way you look in selfies, but have you ever seen your image as a work of art? Or maybe a royal guard in the background of a glorious Goya painting!

The feature appeared roughly a month ago, but first went unnoticed due to the lack of promotion.

Though the viral new feature is restricted to the USA, it can be accessed through VPNs in other regions as well.

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