FCC certifies 'power-at-a-distance' wireless charger for the first time

FCC certifies 'power-at-a-distance' wireless charger for the first time

A better version might be on the way: The FCC has just approved wireless charging tech that can work at a distance of feet, so you don't even have to set your phone down.

It's been a while since we last heard anything about Energous.

The United States Federal Communications Commission gave its first stamp of approval to a wireless charging system that can charge devices over-the-air and from at-a-distance, marking another step forward in wireless charging technology.

Energous, a wireless charging specialist, has received approval from United States regulators for its WattUp energy transmitter.

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Market Pulse Stories are Rapid-fire, short news bursts on stocks and markets as they move. A startup called Pi recently released what it called the first-ever contactless wireless charging product, which uses the same resonant induction tech as Qi, though its range is limited to one foot.

The WattUp mid field transmitter uses focused radio frequency to transmit power to devices.

While Energous does not have any retail-ready devices available just yet, the company does plan to show off the new technology at CES 2018, which runs January 9th-12th in Las Vegas. If such a transmitter was placed on or under a desk, for example, it could potentially charge a nearby smartphone, tablet, laptop, keyboard, headphones, smartwatch and more. The iPhone X does have wireless charging, but it's the same kind of wireless charging that we've seen in countless other devices already. The technology will allow devices to be charged without requiring physical contact with a charging pad like most current wireless charging options require. It can charge automatically or as needed by multiple devices. The WattUp power receiver is just 3mm square, Energous says, so can be fitted to nearly any device. The charging infrastructure is also independent of any particular make of the device or platform and will work for any device so long as it is attached to the right receiver. The Mid Field transmitter can also charge multiple devices simultaneously.