Hallmarks' of Iran, Yemen Houthi rebels missile fired at Riyadh

Hallmarks' of Iran, Yemen Houthi rebels missile fired at Riyadh

A spokesman for the Houthissaid a ballistic missile targeted the royal court at al-Yamama palace, where a meeting of Saudi leaders was under way. The rebels said the attack was to mark 1,000 days since the Saudi Arabia-led coalition started its military offensive.

In a brief statement, White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders suggested the United States believed Iran bore ultimate responsibility for the December 19 missile attack against the palace in Riyadh.

Putin and King Salman also discussed issues of Russian-Saudi cooperation, including energy. "The more crimes you perpetrate, the more tyrannical you are, you will meet nothing but more missiles".

The Saudi-led Arab coalition fighting in Yemen said on Wednesday it would open the Houthi-controlled port it had blockaded.

"We urge the United Nations Security Council to hold Iran responsible for its repeated and blatant violations of Security Council resolutions", Sanders said.

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Iran rejected the allegations and has repeatedly denied arming the rebels.

"Targeting residential areas through ballistic missiles is a violation of global humanitarian laws".

Saudi Arabia said Tuesday that it had intercepted the ballistic missile south of its capital city. Later, a UN-appointed panel had found that the missile was manufactured in Iran.

Nikki Haley said Iran's actions threatened to drag the world "deeper into a broadening regional conflict".

"We must all act co-operatively to expose the crimes of the Tehran regime and do whatever is needed to make sure they get the message. The Iranian-Houthis are putting all their effort into prolonging the conflict in Yemen and are only bringing ruin on the people of Yemen", a government spokesperson said.