Facebook Recognition Features Now Keep A Template Of Your Face

Facebook Recognition Features Now Keep A Template Of Your Face

"We want people to feel confident when they post pictures of themselves on Facebook so we'll soon begin using face recognition technology to let people know when someone else uploads a photo of them as their profile picture", Joaquin Quinonero Candela, Director, Applied Machine Learning, said in a blog post on Wednesday.

Facebook is now using facial recognition technology to alert users when a photo of them is uploaded; even if the user isn't tagged in it.

Now, if you're in a photo and are part of the audience for that post, we'll notify you, even if you haven't been tagged.

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"But Facebook tells me it has no plans to use facial recognition to enhance ad targeting or content relevancy sorting", TechCrunch says, "Like showing you more News Feed posts from friends who post untagged photos of you or ads related to locations where you appear in untagged photos". We're doing this to prevent people from impersonating others on Facebook. Two years ago, we launched an automatic alt-text tool, which describes photos to people with vision loss. If you've already opted out of that feature, you will also be automatically opted out of the new facial recognition features. Apple replaced its fingerprint reader with a facial recognition camera to unlock its latest iPhone, and also uses facial recognition to sort photos.

Facebook has been using face recognition technology to connect people and offer tag suggestions since 2010. Over the next few weeks, Facebook users will see a simple on/off switch to turn off facial recognition instead of settings for individual features that rely on this feature. When photos and videos are uploaded to our systems, we compare those images to the template.

The newest features start rolling out Tuesday, in all markets where facial recognition features are now allowed on Facebook.