Parents urged to give two and three-year-olds flu vaccine

Parents urged to give two and three-year-olds flu vaccine

For years, people with an egg allergy have been told to avoid or take special precautions when getting a flu shot because most influenza vaccines are grown in eggs and contain a tiny amount of egg protein.

To determine if the vaccine was risky for people with egg allergies, Kelso and his colleagues pored through the medical literature and found 28 studies with data from 4,315 egg allergic patients, including 656 who were severely allergic.

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- Flu activity has officially been elevated to "widespread" in the state of Ohio according to health officials.

Ferguson says the holiday season is a prime time for the flu to be spread.

"Not vaccinating carries a risk and that's clearly greater than any risk from the vaccine", Kelso said.

She said there is a possibility that the influenza strain they've put in the vaccine this year "may not be a good match", but it's not definitive at this point. "But it's going to continue through January and February, so get your flu shot as soon as you can". "It's very important that we encourage everyone, including children with egg allergy, to get a flu shot".

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Over the course of a typical flu season - which runs from October to May in the United States - hundreds of thousands of people are hospitalized with the virus and tens of thousands die from it, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

See an allergy specialist for the flu shot. "As recently as 10 years ago the thought was, if you had an egg allergy, you should not get the flu shot because it was thought you would have a reaction". Anaphylaxis can happen with any vaccine at a rate of about one per million, no matter the type or whether the person has an allergy.

"When the flu hits you, the average adult or child is down for several days", Patterson said.

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"This is the best preventative measure we have against contracting influenza", Greenhawt said.

As for how effective this year's vaccine will be?