Introducing Snooze to Give You More Control Of Your News Feed

Introducing Snooze to Give You More Control Of Your News Feed

Researchers at Facebook David Ginsberg and Moira Burke cited the new "snooze" feature as a way they planned to address previous criticism. "It turns out, you're not alone", Facebook said in a post.

With Snooze you can give yourself a break from your friend for up to 30 days at a time.

I have some friends on Facebook whose posts sometimes greatly annoy me.

Facebook today is launching a new feature created to give users more control over what content they see in their News Feed: a "Snooze" button. Facebook already has a few features that allow users to control what they see on their feeds, but Friday the company announced a brand new one called "Snooze".

Don't worry, those you snooze will not be notified. With it, you can easily mute one or some of your friends' posts who keep on publishing irritating cat videos.

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Facebook says you'll be alerted when then Snooze period is about to end and the setting can always be reversed. As the outlet points out, Snooze also allow Pages and Groups to retain less-active users that would otherwise unlike a page or leave a group.

When you "snooze" a person, page or group, the person or page being snoozed will not be notified.

In addition to the new feature, Facebook as a website has also made regular changes to its news feed so that less "clickbait" appears and more posts from close friends make appearances. In fact, Twitter has it since 2014.

But Facebook stated that it had become a socially conscious social network in recent years. However, some researchers posited that reading about others over the Internet may compel them to compare themselves to others, thereby, getting a negative feeling about it.

To use Snooze, simply select it from the top-right drop-down menu of a post.