What did Rich Swann do to Su Yung: WWE?

What did Rich Swann do to Su Yung: WWE?

WWE has suspended wrestler Rich Swann following his arrest on battery and false imprisonment charges in Florida.

An incident occurred between Swann and his wife Su Yung (who is also a wrestler).

According to the arrest report, the two were traveling from the event and began arguing after Swann was criticizing Yung's performance and began to get angry with her. Yung was afraid that argument would escalate and got out of the auto as Swann, who was driving, was in the middle of traffic.

For his part, Swann apparently told police that he did not touch Riggs, and only went after her after she left the vehicle due to her phone Global Positioning System containing the directions home. Swann allegedly grabbed Yung by her arm and then put her into a headlock, dragging her back to the vehicle.

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WWE has a 0 tolerance policy concerning this kind of thing and Swann was indefinitely suspended following the release of this police report.

Pro Wrestling Sheet has learned WWE Superstar Rich Swann is now behind bars. The Alachua County Sheriff in Florida says Swann was taken into custody around 12 AM and no bail amount has been posted.

As a result, Swann was charged with battery and false imprisonment of an adult as a result of not letting her exit the vehicle. Swan chased after Yung and yelled for her to return to the vehicle, but she refused and began to walk away. The kidnapping charge against Swann is a felony, and carries a maximum penalty of 5 years in state prison. World Wrestling Entertainment suspended him indefinitely following the arrest.

Swann was scheduled to compete in a number one contender's match for the cruiserweight title on Raw this Monday.