Death Stranding Gets a New Trailer

Death Stranding Gets a New Trailer

In one of the more intriguing moments of the night at PSX, Hideo Kojima shared a stage with legendary designer Mark Cerny to discuss Death Stranding, which confused everyone with a new trailer at last night's Game Awards. The most recent trailer features a range of facts, such as Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen's casting.

But it swiftly goes from the obscure to the downright baffling, as some characters are dragged away by invisible monsters before a very big creature emerges from the ground. One year and 3 trailers later, nothing has changed. Later, the perspective shoots down his throat to reveal a baby sucking its thumb at the camera. After all, a translation for a segment of Kojima's tweet reads, "Here is the new key visual for this", with the director likely using "key" as the imperative word.

You can't expect to make much sense of anything Hideo Kojima does in the video game space, at least not without spending dozens of hours sticking scrawled notes on chalkboards and tying string between screenshots of the many iterations of Snake from Metal Gear Solid.

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The baby's role in the game was a major talking point.

Although over eight minutes long the trailer gives no indication of a release date, and merely reconfirms that it will launch as a PlayStation 4 exclusive.