Crimes in India in 2016 increased 2.6 per cent: NCRB

Crimes in India in 2016 increased 2.6 per cent: NCRB

While major crimes like rape, kidnappings and abduction rose by 2.6 percent across the country, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi topped the list of states where maximum cases of crimes were reported in the year 2016, according to the latest figures released by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB). This number is a 12 per cent decrease from 2015 when a total of 66,676 cases were registered.

Among states, Maharashtra now ranks third behind Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.

Delhi accounted for highest crime rate 974.9 under IPC crimes followed by Kerala 727.6 and Madhya Pradesh 337.9 against national average of 233.6. Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh reported the highest incidence of rape with 4,882 cases (12.5%) and 4,816 (12.4%) followed by Maharashtra 4,189 (10.7%) during 2016.

Total 84,746 cases of assault on women with intent to outrage modesty were reported in 2016. Madhya Pradesh reported the highest number of cases of atrocities against STs accounting for 27.8% followed by Rajasthan with 18.2% (1,195 cases) and Odisha with 10.4% (681 cases).

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Murder decreased by 5.2 per cent (from 32,127 cases in 2015 to 30,450 in 2016), rioting 5 per cent (from 65,255 cases in 2015 to 61,974 in 2016 ), dacoity 4.5 per cent (from 3,972 cases in 2015 to 3,795 in 2016) and robbery 11.8 per cent (from 36,188 cases in 2015 to 31,906 in 2016). The report further says that out of 4882 rape cases, number of cases in which offenders were known to victim stands at 4789. In Crime against women, Delhi reported highest crime rate of 160.4 in comparison to national average rate of 55.2. Out of the 23,117 persons who were rescued during the year, children made 61.3% of the victims (including victims of 2015).

During 2016, IPC crimes reported charge sheeting rate of 72.9% and conviction rate of 46.8% in the country. Maharashtra reported highest 11,396 cases, followed by UP with 11,335 cases and MP with 8,717 cases. A total of 2.23 lakh criminal offences were registered with the railway police a year ago, up from 1.96 lakh in 2015. The highest number of cases among metro cities against juveniles (with 2,368 cases out of 6,645) and most economic offences (5,942) were reported from Delhi. Along with losing this despicable rank for the first time in the previous two years, Mumbai has also been recorded as a city having a lower crime rate per one lakh population than Delhi and Bengaluru and is now behind Kochi (2nd), Nagpur (8th), and Pune (12th) at the 15th position.

Among the other states, Uttar Pradesh (UP) recorded the highest number of serious offences like murder.