Researchers say coffee is more likely to benefit health than harm it

Researchers say coffee is more likely to benefit health than harm it

It's also linked to lower risks of diabetes, liver disease, dementia and some cancers.

Pregnant women, for example, are at greater risk of losing their baby if they drink too much coffee, and the caffeine also slightly raises the risk of bone fractures among women.

The British Medical Journal review, published Tuesday by the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom, examined 201 studies of health effects of coffee intake.

Drinking coffee may actually be beneficial to your health, according to a new study.

"Coffee is one of the most commonly consumed beverages worldwide", researchers wrote.

Also the study conducted by the Universities of Edinburgh and Southampton discovered that three to four cups of Joe a day were the ideal number that are associated with almost 17 per cent lower chance of premature mortality as compared to the people who consume none.

They added that the harmful associations related to coffee were mostly nullified when other criteria, such as smoking, were taken into account.

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Poole's team noted that because their review included mainly observational data, no firm conclusions could be drawn about cause and effect.

But he does think that coffee seems to carry legitimate health benefits; after all, this is just the latest in a number of recent reviews concluding that coffee can reduce certain disease risks.

"There is a balance of risks in life, and the benefits of moderate consumption of coffee seem to outweigh the risks".

In 2017 we have literally hundreds of different coffee consumption studies examining links between the drink and a variety of different health outcomes. Coffee consumption was also consistently associated with significantly lower risk of gallstone disease and consistently associated with a lower risk of type 2 diabetes for high versus low consumption.

Higher intake of coffee may prevent liver damage!

Until recently people were warned against drinking more than a few cups of coffee a day, for fear that it might cause cancer.

But, this news might not be strong enough to start a coffee habit.