Pradyuman case: 'Ashok was beaten up, tortured by police for confession'

Pradyuman case: 'Ashok was beaten up, tortured by police for confession'

Ashok told his wife that he was beaten, hung upside down and told that he has to confess the accusation, and if he does, no harm will come to him.

Kumar, who spent 75 days in jail, has alleged torture at the hands of Gurgaon Police, which initially investigated the Pradyuman murder case.

Ashok was granted bail against a bond of Rs 50,000.

The authorities are still to react about the confession, but this revelation has certainly given a new light in which to see the Pradyuman case, because if Police didn;t have evidence against him, why was he held against his wished and prosecuted wrongly?

Seven-year-old Pradyuman had been found dead in the school toilet with his throat slit on September 8. "The police said him it's a small case and they will cover it accordingly", Ashok's sister-in-law. Ashok was arrested on September 8.

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The CBI was asked to submit the status report in the court after arguments by all parties on 20 November, and the judge had reserved the decision for Tuesday.

At the same time, the agency opposed Kumar's bail plea in court saying it could not give him a clean chit until its probe was complete. They said him that the whole country is upset due to the case and so he must confess. His wife claimed that he was tortured by the police while he was in custody.

The family of deceased Pradyuman had accused the police of botching up the investigation and said the CBI meticulously collected circumstantial evidence and facts.

Verma had filed the bail application for Kumar after the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) arrested a 16-year-old school student of Ryan International on charges of killing his junior.

The case was later transferred to the CBI, which eventually found that a senior student of the school committed the crime in a bid to "postpone the examination and parent-teachers meet".