EA Buys Respawn, Developers of Titanfall and New Star Wars Game

EA Buys Respawn, Developers of Titanfall and New Star Wars Game

The company today acquired Respawn Entertainment, the studio behind the Titanfall series. Nevertheless, the deal will see EA pay over USD$300 million in cash and shares, and up to an additional $140 million in performance bonuses.

Right now Respawn is hard at work on a few different projects, a new Titanfall game, an unnamed VR combat project due for release in 2019 and a "third-person action adventure game set in the Star Wars universe".

Respawn Entertainment was initially founded by former Infinity Ward heads Vince Zampella and Jason West in 2010.

Do you think Respawn and their image of the franchise will change much, now that they're in the EA family? A cynical view of the acquisition would be that EA is a place where game studios go to die. "We felt that now was the time to join an industry leader that brings the resources and support we need for long-term success, while still keeping our culture and creative freedom".

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The terms of the acquisition state that Respawn will now be a part of the EA Worldwide Studios division, alongside outfits like Motive Studios and Ghost Games.

EA's decision to buy Respawn reportedly came after competing with South Korean publisher Nexon - which published a mobile Titanfall game - had approached the developer with an offer. News of the Respawn Star Wars video game comes on the heels of a recent announcement by EA that it had canceled an in-development high-profile game from its Visceral studios.

In a blog post published to the Respawn website, Zampella stated that he plans to continue running Respawn in addition to his new work as a member of EA's studio leadership team. On the deal, he said 'While it wasn't necessary, going with EA made a lot of sense.

It's important to remember just who Respawn is: the core of their team is the original Call of Duty team - up and through Modern Warfare 2 - who followed Respawn co-founder Vince Zampella to the new studio after a bitter falling out with and subsequent lawsuit against Activision.