Aloy from 'Horizon Zero Dawn' as playable character

Aloy from 'Horizon Zero Dawn' as playable character

As announced during Sony's Paris Games Week event, the first beta for "Monster Hunter: World" starts on December 9 for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

The beta will let players work together on three different quests.

The trailer shows us some impressive visuals, as well as the all-important gameplay involving the big monsters, but there's an added surprise, as we also found out that PlayStation players exclusively can use Horizon: Zero Dawn's Aloy in the game. Players can get this armor set for no extra charge, but they will have to earn it through an Event Quest first. Equipping the full armor set will make your character look just like Aloy, facial likeness and all.

Would you love to hunt monsters as Aloy?

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Horizon Zero Dawn was one of this year's best games, with many fans looking forward to the upcoming Frozen Wilds expansion coming later in 2017. Thanks to a partnership between Capcom and Sony, Aloy from "Horizon Zero Dawn" makes an appearance and slays a few monsters in the game. The Radobaan, a hulking beast that wears the carcasses scattered around the Vale for armor will need hunters to be quick and fast as they take off chunks of its bone armor and avoid its rolling attacks. Hunters can courageous the beast alone or with their team of four hunters.

With flexible online multiplayer options and an accessible quest structure, players can tackle challenges alone or join up to three other hunters online for cooperative play.

Monster Hunter World is getting its full release on PlayStation 4 on January 26.