Google Makes Search Results More Local and Relevant

Google Makes Search Results More Local and Relevant

"Instead, by default, you'll be served the country service that corresponds to your location".

But don't worry, if you want to use Google search of some other country, it is possible. You'll know the location Google recognizes by looking at the lower left-hand corner of the page, as you can see above. For example, even if you are now domain, still you will get the info of the country you are now in.

Google's mobile app for iOS, its mobile web site, and the desktop version of Google and Maps are undergoing a small but important change. So, you'll get results tailored for Japan if you go there, but Google will seamlessly transition back to United States when you fly back home. As you travel, the search results will switch automatically to the country you're in.

If you've tried to search on Google before, usually what the search engine does is it attempts to search for results that are local and relevant to the user. It'll still be based on your actual, current location.

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For instance, if you are in the USA, it will show you search results from the US.

Overall, the motive of Google here is providing the best services to it's users.

Scroll down to find Settings at the bottom of the page. The update stated that the change was aimed at improving the Search experience of users, automatically providing them with the most useful information based on their search query and other context, including location.

Kao has noted that this update will only modify the way Google Search and Maps services are labeled, adding that "it will not affect the way these products work, nor will it change how we handle obligations under national law".