Louis winter forecast; what's in store?

Louis winter forecast; what's in store?

NOAA's Climate Prediction Center will release an updated seasonal forecast throughout the winter.

2nd year in a row La Nina will likely shape our weather and climate patterns December through February.

La Niña conditions, characterized by cooler waters in the Pacific Ocean, have a 55- to 65-percent chance of developing before winter sets in, according to the latest forecast.

Warmer than average temperatures are slightly more likely this winter in New England, federal forecasters said Thursday.

Northwest Alaska may be wetter than usual, while Hawaii has about 40% odds of being drier than usual.

There was a La Nina for the early part of last winter.

NOAA does not explicitly forecast snowfall during long range forecasts, instead simply predicting precipitation which may fall as rain, snow, or wintry mix.

Nationally, Halpert said, he expected a generally warm winter, but not as warm a winter as the past two, which were No. 1 and No. 6 all time in terms of warmth.

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∙ Warmer-than-normal conditions are most likely across the southern two-thirds of the continental US, along the East Coast, across Hawaii and in western and northern Alaska.

∙ Drier-than-normal conditions are most likely across the entire southern U.S.

And that means snow in the higher elevations of the Cascade Mountains.

The agency's winter outlook will be updated on November 16.

Predicting a weak La Nina to develop this winter, Pastelok predicts an abundance of precipitation to blanket the Northwest and the Rockies. Jones said northern areas of the state might just be immune from La Niña, spelling good news for ski areas and skiers themselves.

But after a big season for snowfall in central and Northern California past year, Pastelok predicts both regions to be less wet and snowy in the upcoming months.

In the Southwest, Pastelok expects that drier and warmer weather will dominate.