The Most Heartbreaking Moments From Demi Lovato's New Documentary

The Most Heartbreaking Moments From Demi Lovato's New Documentary

In her documentary, Demi goes into detail about a recent eating disorder relapse that was triggered by her breakup with her long-term boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama, that happened in June past year. After Demi's documentary Simply Complicated debuted on YouTube this week, Selena reached out to her longtime friend on Instagram. The "Body Say" singer shared two snaps of herself side by side-one during what looks to be the height of her illness, where she's noticeably frailer, and a second, more recent one from after her treatment-along with the message, "Recovery is possible". If you don't have time to watch it - which you totally should because it's that good - we are breaking down the biggest revelations from it. With some bumps along the way - who wants to focus on the negative? - they are now seemingly in as good a place in their friendship as ever.

"This was handsome. I'm so happy for you".

Demi says she first met him in January 2010 and thought "I have to have him". It was at his house during a PSA for the census.

On when she first started dating Wilmer: "After I turned 18, we began dating". He was just my rock.

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On her breakup with Wilmer: "It had nothing to do with falling out of love". "The less I have to think about food, the easier it is to go about having a normal life and I don't want to let anybody down so when I do have moments when I slip up, I feel very ashamed". "Anytime I'm able to take my mind off of any of my addictions, it's very beneficial to me". You don't share six years of your life with somebody and not give them a piece of your heart, and visa versa. However, after the couple broke up in June 2016, the singer revealed that she "immediately" relapsed. "We connected on a level that I've never connected with anybody before".

On living with her eating disorder every day: "When I feel lonely, my heart feels hungry".

Though she believes she's on the straight and narrow now, she admits that her relationship with food will forever remain a challenge, and it'll be something she has to manage forever. I think it was with Wilmer.