Google Chrome gets new 'cleanup' tools on Windows

Google Chrome gets new 'cleanup' tools on Windows

Antivirus software is always a cat and mouse game, but Google is trying to make things a little easier for users by adding some antivirus features to Chrome for Windows. Previously offered as a standalone app, the tool is now included with Chrome by default and runs automatically to detect whenever users install intrusive software.

"We can now detect and remove more unwanted software than ever before, meaning more people can benefit from Chrome Cleanup".

Google also says that the technologies combine ESET's detection engine with Google Chrome's sandbox technology.

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Chrome already has some tools in place to help users avoid unwanted software. Chrome Cleanup works by notifying users when it detects that a harmful software is installed on the user's PC. The revamped tool is now simpler to use: it automatically removes harmful software with the press of a button, and is more powerful, thanks to a partnership with IT security firm ESET.

According to ESET, the service acts as a monitoring tool that warns users of potential threats and proposed removal options when it encounters unwanted software. At first glance, there are numerous references to the Google Assistant and its native functions that will soon grace Chromebooks and likely the Chrome browser in general. As per the data provided by Statcounter for the month of September, Chrome has dominated the market with a share of 55.68 percent, over 41 percent more than the share of Apple's Safari that comes second with 14.22 percent market. It should allow more unwanted software to be detected while also allowing for a more thorough clean up even for the most malicious Chrome-targeted attacks.

The new security features for Chrome on Windows are an addition to existing defenses, such as Safe Browsing warnings for pages known to deliver malware. Also, only selected parts of OS are being scanned as compared to full a blown security solution. "It only removes software that doesn't comply with our unwanted software policy".