Remotely controlled Nissan GT-R exceeds 200km/h

Remotely controlled Nissan GT-R exceeds 200km/h

What's more, it's a completely remote-controlled GT-R-renamed the GT-R/C-as demonstrated by Nissan racing driver Jann Mardenborough, who drove the vehicle around the Silverstone racing circuit from the passenger seat of a helicopter circling above. If you have never driven a fast RC auto, you might not know how hard it is to control the vehicle when it is coming towards you, controls are reversed in that instance. Unfortunately it's also a one-off project so don't expect your next sports auto to come with your choice of controller attached.

Nissan then put famously successful NISMO racing driver Jann Mardenborough in a helicopter, flying at low altitude - the company needed special permission for that - and unleashed him and the GT-R/C on the track at Silverstone.

Nissan has brought reality and virtual together with the ultimate remote-control vehicle for gamers - the Nissan GT-R /C. Fitted with six rear-mounted computers relaying information between the controller and auto at 100 times per seconds, the GT-R/C also featured a Racelogic VBOX Motorsport sensor to relay speed data to an LCD display for Mardenborough. The Nissan GT-R is generally referred as "the PlayStation sports car", because of the fact that when before the first Gran Turismo video game was released in 1998, more of the world of English speakers was unaware of the halo auto of Nissan.

As explained on Jalopnik, the DualShock 4 controller was connected to a microcomputer that transmitted signals to the GT-R/C.

Of course, they're not just doing this for the fun of it, it's in promotion of Sony's upcoming racer, Gran Turismo Sport which hits PS4 on October 18.

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Since taking out the GT Academy in 2011, Mardenborough has gone on to become a full-time professional driver for Nissan in Japan. However, the controller had one serious modification, a range of one kilometre. In the meantime, you can check out the GT-R stunt below.

A Racelogic VBOX Motorsport sensor relayed speed information to an LCD display in the helicopter for Mardenborough to judge speeds with.

He said: "The GT-R /C has brought my two worlds together - the virtual of gaming and the reality of motorsport - in a way I never thought possible".

The GT-R/C will tour primary and secondary schools in an effort to promote careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) disciplines.