British PM Theresa May Given 'Pink Slip' During Speech. Watch The Moment

British PM Theresa May Given 'Pink Slip' During Speech. Watch The Moment

May began her speech by talking about why she joined the party 40 years ago, highlighting that the things that have made her most proud have not been the positions held but "knowing that I made a difference - helped those who can not be heard".

One senior Conservative said May must show "personality, vision and confidence" in her speech and offer "delegates hungry for ideas" something new.

Asked about the plot, he said: "Are there cabinet members aware? Yes".

"It will have to be her decision".

Under the headline: 'Theresa May will stay as Prime Minister and get the job done, ' interior minister Amber Rudd wrote in The Telegraph newspaper on Friday that "she should stay".

The uncertainly around May's future led to a fall in the value of the sterling on Friday, with the pound worth around 1.30 US dollars.

"We mustn't fail. If we fail, we will not just let the Conservative Party down, we will let the country down". "MPs' confidence in Theresa May is at a low point", said Jasper Lawler, head of research at London Capital Group, an online trading platform.

Cabinet ministers have been rallying around the prime minister after her conference speech was overshadowed by a prankster and her persistent cough.

The Conservatives have 316 MPs in parliament.

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According to party rules, 15 percent of MPs - in this case 48 MPs - need to back a no confidence vote against the leader to trigger a leadership contest.

But leading figures in the Conservative Party disagreed with Shapps.

She didn't look at ease delivering a speech to the attendant masses and must have been painfully aware of her supposed challenger for the party leadership, Boris Johnson, hanging on her every word.

"There's nothing wrong with thinking we can do better than this and I'm afraid to say that does involve, though Theresa May is a very fundamentally decent person, having a new leader".

"It's not miserable", she told Channel Four television on Tuesday.

"So, whether you're trying to buy your own home, renting privately and looking for more security, or have been waiting for years on a council list, help is on the way", she promised.

Mrs May has been on the ropes after he hold on the House of Commons was slashed by the Labour Party during an ill-timed General Election.

May's leadership shattered after the United Kingdom snap parliamentary election in June, which, despite its initial goal to unify the political leadership ahead of Brexit negotiations, resulted in a hung parliament and prompted the Conservatives to agree on a deal with the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP).