Looks like Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is Coming in January

Looks like Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is Coming in January

Despite Capcom saying that they weren't intending on releasing multiple iterations of Street Fighter V, Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition will be releasing on January 16th 2018.

As the name might rather suggest, one of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition's additions will be a classic Arcade Mode.

The popular online retailer is now listing the new Street Fighter V edition with a January 16th release date.

The updated version will be available digitally and physically in North America and Europe for a recommended retail price of $39.99. While that listing didn't bring any new information about what's actually in the Arcade Version, today's Amazon page thankfully has.

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The DLC characters can still be unlocked for free - even now - in the base version of Street Fighter V, but it takes time. more time than most casual players have.

This will include two new modes, which are the Arcade and the Extra Battle Modes. The game launched with a Survival mode. If they complete all four challenges every month then they will receive a special premium costume that's exclusive to this mode.

Arcade Mode allows you to choose six different paths to fight a series of opponents in single-player, with different endings being revealed depending on how well you do. All of the post-launch gameplay content, such as the DLC characters in Street Fighter V, is earnable completely free of charge through completing various in-game challenges and receiving earned in-game currency, called fight money.

Arcade Edition is basically one big do-over for dedicated fans and new players alike. That same listing suggests its release date is January 16 next year. True to its name, Arcade Mode is coming to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition andwill be an experience ripe with nostalgia.