Twitter changing character limit

Twitter changing character limit

They plan to give the same freedom to people who use the English alphabet in writing tweets.

In a tweet that tallied exactly 280 characters (excluding a hyperlink tacked on the end), Twitter co-founder and Chief Executive Jack Dorsey said the shift would enable the company to maintain "our brevity, speed, and essence!" This 140-character limit, she says, is a cause of frustration for English users, but not Japanese users, because of the difference in language. According to some users, Twitter should rather restrict posts that include threatens and suicide notes. The test group of users is being selected at random.

But the 140-character cutoff was arbitrary as a holdover from the early days when tweets were sent as SMS texts with a total limit of 160 characters.

First, download Tampermonkey extension for your browser.

We already saw a Github script to get around Twitter's restrictions, and now someone has packaged that code into a simple bookmark.

The lackluster financial performance belies the outsized influence the company has on culture, politics and now (potentially) the future of humankind, thanks to Twitter's most famous user, President Donald Trump, who has been engaged in a war of words with North Korea on the platform.

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Now all you have to do is visit and start tweeting.

Twitter's biggest challenge is growing its user base among real people - and not the bots and anonymous trolls that clutter it with objectionable material. Now, click on the bookmarked link, and voila, you can now tweet in 280 characters. You can check that by clicking on the Tampermonkey icon on your browser bar and see if "Twitter Cramming" is turned on.

"Giving Trump 280 characters to play with is practically begging for an global incident", one user wrote. You can check it out here.

They said that people from Japan, Korea, and China, need fewer characters to express what they want, thus tweet more frequently.

It's not clear how users will react to the increased character limit. Unless verified to come from a reliable source, third-party sources can be unsafe for your computer and you. Let us know in the comments how did it work for you.