ESPN's Sergio Dipp Struggles as Sideline Reporter in First MNF Appearance

ESPN's Sergio Dipp Struggles as Sideline Reporter in First MNF Appearance

During what ended up being his only sideline report of the night on Monday, he seemed nervous and might have been struggling with speaking over the noise in the stadium.

It's my pleasure to introduce Sergio mothafuckin' Dipp. He was put in a awful position by the suits at ES (JW) PN who view diversity as far more important than preparation, familiarity with the sport, or command of the English language.

If you give us the choice between sterile, irrelevant sideline reports and a moment of real human excitement and emotion like Dipp's, we're going to take the latter every single time. Now, all of social media is comparing him to the Boom Goes The Dynamite Guy. Mowins, who became just the second woman to call an National Football League game, dragged him through a night that seemed more like a preseason dress rehearsal than a Week 1 showtime (though Dipp helped that feeling).

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"You watch him now on the screen", Dipp continued.

It didn't go well as he stumbled through "diversity in his background" and "having the time of his life" phrases. This night, making his coaching debut. Don't let the lone clip fool you.

Dipp was working for both ESPN Deportes and ESPN broadcasts, a massively impressive feat on its own. He tweeted later, after the whole thing was all over, seemingly taking it in stride. Beth Mowins became the first woman to do play-by-play on MNF in nearly 30 years (shouts out to Beth), Rex Ryan has gone from the sideline to the booth and has very bad suits, but one man has grabbed headlines and national attention from the other debutants. He says he has nothing but respect for Dipp and anyone in the sports world his is asked to intellectually discuss sports in a second language.