Preview 'Clean Versions' of Google Docs

Preview 'Clean Versions' of Google Docs

This can give organizations the ability to differentiate between version tracks if they feel there are two possible outcomes for a project, or they can use it to simply differentiate the final version from the drafts. There's also an option to select "Only show named versions". In addition, you can also now more easily compare documents in Docs with the help of the new Litera Change-Pro and Workshare add-ons for Docs.

Late previous year Google introduced custom templates in Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms for faster formatting.

Several new updates pertaining to version history have landed in Docs but not Sheets or Slides. Until now, the suggestion mode has only been available on the desktop, which has been pretty annoying if you've ever wanted to make edits on the go. Click Tools Review suggested edits Accept all or Reject all to make this happen.

These templates allow businesses to customize and deploy tools specific to their organization's workflows.

Before cloud computing, Microsoft's Office products were the norm; however, with Google's introduction of Docs, Slides, and Sheets, the way we create, edit, and share documents has drastically changed.

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For mobile users, this update also brings the ability to suggest changes on Android and iOS, something that was sorely missing in earlier versions. We've launched five examples of this in the general template gallery, like the new Mutual Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) template from LegalZoom and DocuSign.

The new integration with Google Cloud Search in Docs and Slides means that G Suite Business and Enterprise users will now be able to quickly find the right information from their internal documents without having to leave the editor.

With templates, users can now save time on formatting, while developers can build add-ons to customise functionality.

Google Cloud Search is also being integrated with Docs and Slides through the Explore feature, the post said. It uses Machine Intelligence to display relevant information to help you work more efficiently.

One of the great things about Google Docs is that it is a pretty collaborative platform, where it allows users to work on documents together at the same time and to see the changes reflected in real-time.