Google Allo is now available in your browser

Google Allo is now available in your browser

Well, we're a few weeks from that and would you look at that - "Allo for Web" is now showing (see above) for just about everyone in either v15 or v16 of the Allo Android app. Allo For Web should already be available worldwide and anyone running the latest mobile version of the app can also take advantage of the newly launched desktop client. Allo on the web uses a QR code pairing process, similar to WhatsApp, to connect to the mobile device. You'll need an Android phone. It was the first app in Android to come with the AI powered Google Assistant and it received a lot of positive reviews from users around the world.

You can use all sorts of stuff such as emoji, stickers, and more.

Google has Android Messaging app for mobiles as well and it also started a new messaging platform within YouTube. This means Allo users can read/send messages or chat with the Google Assistant on a bigger screen.

"Amit Fulay, head of product - Google Allo, Google Duo & WebRTC, broke the news on Twitter".

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Allo is similar to Google Hangouts in a way that it lets you chat with your family and friends. But there's a caveat. And since the web client basically mirrors what's on your phone, if your device runs out of battery or for some reason disconnects from the internet, you won't be able to use Allo Web anymore. You need to scan the QR code displayed on the web page. We are still not sure how many people have used Google Allo, since Google does not release that information. The functionality is definitely not live as yet, with the URL giving a 404 error when navigating to it. By bringing the app to the web, Google is making the app more accessible for those who have adopted it as one of their primary forms of communication, which could increase its longevity.

Fire up the Allo app on the smartphone.

All you have to do is install the app, login with your phone number, and slide out the side menu to see the option. Finally, scan the code with your device. But at some point, Google made a decision to integrate the services of Duo into Allo.