Activists Topple Confederate Monument In North Carolina

Activists Topple Confederate Monument In North Carolina

That includes 718 monuments or statues, 109 public schools, 80 counties, and 10 United States military bases named for Confederate soldiers.

The group also demanded Durham city and county leaders attend "mass public forums to allow the community to speak-out about their concerns for public display of Confederate statues". Some told him Heyer's blood is on his hands for supporting the Confederate symbols and that his presence was unwanted as they were trying to mourn her loss.

The dismantling of the monuments comes after a rally by white nationalists protesting against plans to remove a statue of Robert E. Lee sparked clashes with anti-racism demonstrators in Charlottesville on Saturday. Authorities say one woman was killed Saturday after one of the white nationalists drove his auto into a group of peaceful counter-protesters. In addition, two police officers died en route to the scene of the violence when their helicopter crashed.

The statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee stands in the center of Emancipation Park the day after the "Unite the Right" rally devolved into violence August 13, 2017 in Charlottesville, Virginia.

A college student was arrested Tuesday for toppling a almost century-old statue of a Confederate soldier Monday in North Carolina in front of a cheering crowd.

Around 7:10 p.m. a woman using a ladder climbed the statue of a Confederate soldier and attached a rope around the statue.

Jackson said there were many people of color involved in both the planning of the event and the actual toppling of the statue. "Unlike an African-American father, I'll never have to explain to my daughters why there exists an exalted monument for those who wished to keep her and her ancestors in chains".

Davis added that state law mandates the protection of Confederate monuments and that county officials will be consulting with state officials regarding what's to become of the heavily damaged monument, WTVD said.

In all, "at least 1,500 symbols of the Confederacy can be found in public spaces across the country, mostly in the Deep South", the Southern Poverty Law Center noted in a report past year.

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They include more than 700 monuments and statues and more than 100 public schools named for Confederate military or political figures.

"I feel like this is going to send shockwaves through the country and hopefully they can bring down other racist symbols", he said.

"A healthy democracy and people within that democracy should be able to say, 'This is our history.' And history is made up of actions of human beings, and human beings aren't flawless", said Jeffrey F. Addicott, who stressed he was speaking for himself and not the law school.

"Rather, many of them were part of an effort to glorify a cause that was manifestly unjust", Cohen said.

For some Americans, the Confederate icons symbolise white supremacy.

"It was the North and their tariffs over Southern goods", he said.

St. Louis dismantled its Confederate Monument in Forest Park in June, giving it to the Missouri Civil War Museum after years of debate. One slave described Lee as one of the meanest men she had ever met.

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu, speaking in May when the last of the statues was pulled down, said they are "not just innocent remembrances of a benign history".

"Look, Dr. King really believed that, in trying to right injustices or right wrongs, your ultimate objective was to win the hearts of those opposed to you", Mr. Jackson said.