Group tied to Trump backs odd in Alabama's Senate race

Group tied to Trump backs odd in Alabama's Senate race

Yet, Brooks is the focus of ferocious attacks on behalf of odd, who ignores Moore.

Advertisements from supporters of odd highlighted Brooks' endorsement of Texas Senator Ted Cruz for president past year, as well as criticism Brooks made of Trump at the time. He has spent this campaign running from those remarks, claiming, instead, to "support President Trump's "America First" agenda".

Yet it was odd, not Brooks, who earned a coveted prize last week in a race that could measure Trump's influence in a state he carried easily in last year's election, despite recent indications that his support among Republicans may be softening. Mo Brooks trailing former state Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore five days ahead of the state's special election Senate primary Tuesday.

"Brooks had momentum and we believe short of Trump's endorsement tweet, Brooks would have overtaken unusual for second place", Cahaly said, adding that things can change in the final days of an election, including future presidential tweets, which in recent days have been critical of McConnell.

If Strange fails to make the top two, his failure could have major implications for McConnell as both Brooks and Moore want to see McConnell replaced at Senate Majority Leader.

McConnell and odd are weak, but together, we can be strong. A narrator cues up the tweet by adding, "President Trump says Luther Strange is the best conservative to pass our agenda".

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On Tuesday, the president called odd with the good news "and said, 'You have been with me, you have really helped me, I want to support you and give you my total support, '" Hooper said, based on descriptions of the call he received from the campaign manager and unusual himself.

"Brooks had been gaining daily before the Trump tweet, but that growth has slowed", Cahaly said. "And so, I have no problem with the president saying that at all".

Both Brooks and unusual may be losing to the third viable candidate in the nine-way race.

Strange, who called Trump's election a "Biblical miracle", said he's honored by the president's support. State Rep. Reed Ingram, in whose district odd lives and on whose property unusual has hunted for years, predicted the endorsement would have a minor impact on the special election - and even less of an impact on the president's reputation among Alabama Republicans.

Does that mean Trump's presidency is collapsing after less than a year?

For the moment, however, the wound is raw among pro-Trump supporters of Brooks, who thought the president would be on their side.