BUYER BEWARE: Doctors warn of fake eclipse glasses

BUYER BEWARE: Doctors warn of fake eclipse glasses

Most cities along the path have planned festivals and viewing events to watch the eclipse.

"The most important point to remember is that during the total phase, all solar filters must be removed".

Ahead of the solar eclipse, here is a guide to getting the right eclipse glasses and solar filters for your camera.

It adds: "For a few brief minutes or seconds, the Sun's pearly white corona, red prominences, and chromosphere are visible".

Only a handful of manufacturers make the certified glasses, including Rainbow Symphony, American Paper Optics, Thousand Oaks Optical and TSE 17. In Hopkinsville, Kentucky, they're calling in the National Guard. Dishonest companies know people are being cautioned to look for that stamp of approval. "But now the marketplace is being flooded by counterfeit eclipse glasses that are labeled as if they're ISO-compliant when in fact, they are not".

However, scammers are also taking advantage of the business opportunities by selling fake glasses that will not protect your eyes.

I'm not playing around with my eyes and neither should you.

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Ophthalmologist Tomas Lopez of Eyecare Associates in Albany and Corvallis met with about two dozen mid-valley eyecare and health care professionals last week to go over information on the August 21 eclipse and possible effects on patients.

North Florida and South Georgia will be able to see a partial eclipse.

Read the consumer comments before you buy.

And for the rest of you who would rather purchase your glasses online, here's your list. Return them for a replacement.

NASA says glasses older than three years or that have scratches are not safe. Also, during an 1867 eclipse scientists discovered the then unknown element Helium. You'll want to check out this map in order to scope out the best seats in the country when the eclipse arrives.

"There's clearly lots of excitement building about the eclipse", Lattis said. NERC's recent 2017 Summer Reliability Assessment does not anticipate any impacts on the reliability of North America's bulk power system attributable to the eclipse, based on an analysis published in April. Or it's like being a quarter mile from the Pacific Ocean you've never seen and deciding to turn back. The Washington Post will have special features for the big day of darkness that will include live blogs, videos, graphics and photos. Unless you plan on traveling to another continent or living to be 100+ this is going to be your best chance to capture the eclipse and document it. A large white piece of cardboard or sheet placed on the ground under a deciduous tree will also make apparent the multiple projected pinhole solar crescents, as the light passes between the leaves, during the eclipse. No matter where you end up watching the eclipse be prepared for a quick show. The damage could be temporary or permanent.

"Several school districts in our area are closing to allow students to experience this historic event", said Ms. MacTavish, a former Knox County Schools science teacher and current clinical assistant professor in STEM education in UT's College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences.