Teen opens emergency exit, jumps from jet at San Francisco Airport

Teen opens emergency exit, jumps from jet at San Francisco Airport

A 17-year-old passenger has been detained after he opened an emergency overwing exit and jumped from the plane after it landed at San Francisco International Airport Tuesday, according to airport officials. An airport construction crew working nearby confronted the boy and held him until police arrived and arrested him.

It's unclear what charges, if any, the teen might face. A flight attendant stood in front of the open exit to ensure people did not fall out while leaving the plane, he said.

A 17-year-old boy jumped off from an airplane on Tuesday by opening its emergency door.

The teen was tackled by employees on the runaway before he was arrested by police. The plane went to the assigned gate and all the passengers were de-boarded safely.

The incident took place at 2:30 p.m. after COPA Flight 208 from Panama City landed at SFO, and was waiting to taxi to its arrival gate, airport officials said. Law enforcement took the teen into custody, according to the airline.

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The airline says it is cooperating with authorities in the ongoing investigation.

No other flights were affected.

Sophia Gibson, of San Jose, said people sitting next to him were shocked when he jumped out of the plane and onto the wing.

In 2014, a passenger on a China Eastern Airlines plane said he wanted to "get off the plane quicker" and deployed the emergency slide after the plane landed at Sanya Phoenix International Airport.

"They were yelling, 'Tell the flight attendants".