Pokémon Go Fest attendees are suing Niantic

Pokémon Go Fest attendees are suing Niantic

After enduring much humiliation during their highly publicized "Pokemon GO Fest", Niantic will be facing another debacle as a number of disgruntled fans are filing a class lawsuit against the developer for grounds that the company failed to deliver what it had promised. Since then, other 30 users have joined the class-action suit. Niantic has postponed 4 events in Europe for Pokemon Go: August 5 event - Copenhagen and Prague, and August 12 event - Stockholm and Amsterdam. Eventually, players attending the event were promised a refund of their tickets, $ 100 in bonus in game and an Artikodin. The intentions behind holding this festival was for Niantic to provide attendees a legendary opportunity to capture legendary Pokemon in the first real-world Pokemon event. For the people who went across the nation or even overseas, however.

"[The client] paid to fly out for the festival", Zimmerman told Polygon.

"We're not seeking any relief with respect to the failure to get legendary Pokémon, because Niantic is offering tha". The suit alleges that some people flew in from other countries and all across the US. It was about the fact that Niantic lead consumers to make purchases based on certain promises, and those promises were not delivered upon.

Niantic offered ticket refunds and $100 in United States dollars worth of in-game PokeCoins to those affected, but the class action lawsuit is focused on recouping travel expenses as well.

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Also, a new "Pokemon GO" patch just went live yesterday announcing the return of Team Instinct's Spark.

In my opinion, the answer is an obvious "No". Originally, the event was advertised as being a celebration of Pokemon Go's first year and that attendees would be catching rare Pokemon that were hard to find.

Basically, people want the money they spent on getting to the event back (note: Niantic issued refunds for the price of the event ticket).