The meaning of Arya's direwolf reunion scene

The meaning of Arya's direwolf reunion scene

Upon his reunion with Arya, told her some key information regarding her surviving family members inspiring her to change course - which was to kill Cersei at King's Landing - and head to Winterfell.

In a scene Arya shared with her father Ned, he tells her she'll end up getting married to a lord and living a life of luxury as the lady of a castle. Check out the moment in the video above.

Hot Pie told Arya that Jon Snow won the Battle of the Bastards and is now the King in the North.

In a behind-the-scenes interview that aired after the episode, Weiss and Benioff explain that this exchange between feral Nymeria and a Winterfell-bound Arya is a callback to Season 1.

Hot Pie, another surprise returning character, told Arya that her brother (really cousin, but she doesn't know that) Jon Snow is alive and well in the North, so she chose to change course and head for Winterfell instead of King's Landing.

She had to let Nymeria run off to save her from execution after she mauled young prince Joffrey and hadn't seen her since. As the animal walks away, Arya comments, "That's not you".

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Noted Benioff, "This scene hearkens back to Season 1". In George R.R. Martin's novels, Arya and Nymeria have an unexplored warg-like connection, similar to how Bran was connected to Summer.

The longest-absent "character" on Game of Thrones returned Sunday night: Nymeria the direwolf, last seen in the second episode of the show's first season, briefly reunited with her long-lost companion, Arya Stark (Maisie Williams).

"Arya's not domesticated and it makes total sense that her wolf wouldn't be either", Weiss continued.

One of the show's saddest moments was when Arya had to say goodbye to Nymeria in an effort to save her life. In the books, Nymeria becomes leader of a huge wolf pack that roams the Riverlands, but until Sunday, she hadn't been seen again on the show.

The direwolf finds her old mistress in the woods and confronts her.

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