Only 1 in 4 sure Trump will serve entire term

Only 1 in 4 sure Trump will serve entire term

"I can imagine a slew of TV ads that attempt to make a personal or policy connection between Republican candidates and an unpopular president".

The president had the strongest showing in West Virginia, where he accumulated 60 percent support.

Trump's overall approval rating as of Sunday was down to just 37 percent with 58 percent of people polled disapproving of the president's performance, according to Gallup. A few moments later, he made her wildest dreams come true.

While it is typical for a president to enter office with something of a honeymoon marked by a relatively high approval rating, the party in power historically tends to have a hard time in the mid-term elections, when the opposition candidates can rail against incumbents.

Gallup said most of the state polls had a margin of error of about 4 percentage points. Still, Gallup's results provide at least some idea of where the president stands across the states.

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Of those who thought the President should be impeached and removed from office, 47 percent said they would be "very upset" if it didn't take place. Trump lost ground in every state except Montana, Utah and Hawaii. Forty-three percent of Pennsylvania and Wisconsin respondents approved of his job performance while 42 percent of MI voters also approved.

Trump's 38.8 percent job approval during his second quarter in office was the worst in recorded history, with Bill Clinton, at 44 percent, the only other president who fell below 55 percent approval during the same period in his administration.

While 57 percent of respondents said that Trump was likely to see his first term through, 36 percent said that he likely would not for whatever reason and 7 percent were not sure, USA Today reports.

Kylie Oversen, chairwoman of the Democratic-NPL Party, said she wasn't necessarily surprised by the results, given that Trump is only months removed from winning North Dakota with nearly 63 percent of the vote.